Horizontal Menu Advancer

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Horizontal Menu Advancer

Extend Dreamweaver’s capabilities with our Dreamweaver extension. Horizontal Menu Advancer is a powerful tool that allows you to create, manage and optimize your website CSS menu navigation.

Horizontal Menu Advancer includes a library of pre-built, professionally designed menu templates, which can be easily customized through its intuitive interface to meet your unique needs with no hand coding.

You can also download additional menu themes from our site. You can create as many menu levels as you need with no limitation.With our product you can adjust your horizontal dropdown menu in just one click to be a single-horizontal level with dropdowns or two-horizontal levels with or without dropdowns.

The key features of Horizontal Menu Advancer

You can explore all CSS menu features before ordering the product with 15-day full-functional trial version


Intuitive interface makes your work more effective. Save your time and money as it does not require JavaScript/CSS knowledge. Drag-n-drop support makes the CSS menu-creating process easier Advanced color management simplifies color tuning. Easy Import/Export of CSS menu structure

Unlimited levels

Templates Supported – you can easily apply your menu to all the pages within your site if you place it into a Dreamweaver Template that is applied to those pages


  • Advanced Table-less CSS menu generator W3C XHTML compliant CSS and HTML code
  • Keyboard Navigation – Horizontal Menu Advancer provides navigation using keyboard making your site more accessible to your visitors Single-Level and Two-Levels Horizontal menus
  • CSS dropdown menus compatible with IPhone and IPad

Cross Browser Compatibility

  • Horizontal Menu Advancer produces the web standard compliant CSS menus
  • CSS menus built with Horizontal Menu Advancer are compatible with all modern browsers for PC/Mac e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari (include IPhone and IPad versions), Chrome

Search Engine Optimization

  • You can essentially improve your website load time using CSS menu navigation CSS menu generated with our product makes your website well-optimized for all main Search Engines like Google or Yahoo.

Easy-to-use styling system

  • Eye-catching predefined styles¬†Advanced user-friendly interface helps to create great looking CSS menus. You can also select the professionally designed ready-to-use menu designs from the library coming with our product.

Find more demos in horizontal menu gallery…

WYSIWYG CSS menu editing

  • Real-time preview gives you an idea on how your CSS Menu will look in a browser.

Free trial

  • You can estimate all CSS menu features within 15 days with the free full-functional trial version.

System requirements

  • Adobe Dreamweaver for Windows 8+

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