Dreamweaver CS6 have the following predefined workspaces (screen layouts):

App Developer, App Developer Plus, Business Catalyst, Classic, Coder, Coder Plus, Designer, Designer Compact, Fluid Layout, Mobile Applications.

You can change workspace layout or create new custom workspace by means of dropdown menu at left of the search field.

You can launch Horizontal Menu Advancer, LightBox Advancer or other our Dreamweaver CS6 extensions by the following ways:

In the APP DEVELOPER, CODER workspace: (Top main menu) ->Insert menu item ->CSSMenuTools submenu -> Accordion Menu Advancer?or other our extension.

CSSMenuTools insert menu


In the APP DEVELOPER PLUS, CODER PLUS, DESIGNER Compact workspaces: (Top main menu) ->Insert item ->CSSMenuTools -> and select extension you need.

or using the INSERT button in the panel at the right.

Insert Lightbox panel in Designer compact mode (CS5 )


In the DESIGNER, FLUID LAYOUT, MOBILE APPLICATIONS workspace: (Top main menu) ->Insert->CSSMenuTools->press on extension icon or using buttons in the INSERT menu panel at the right.

Insert Lightbox panel in Designer mode (CS5)


In the CLASSIC mode use CSSMenuTools tab in the Insert tabbar.

CSS Menu Tools tab in CS5